Inayati Teachings

Below are updated gender-inclusive versions of the Inayati Sufi remembrances and objectives, often called the "Ten Sufi Thoughts"and "Three Objects," composed by Hazrat Inayat Khan. These versions were created for murids of the Inayati-Maimuni Order, and for the personal use of Inayati Sufis of other orders.


The Ten Remembrances

There is One God,
The Only Being;
Nothing else exists.

There is one Master,
The Spirit of Guidance,
Constantly leading
Its followers
Toward the Light.

There is one
Holy Writing,
The Sacred
Book of Nature,
The only scripture
That truly enlightens
Its reader.

There is one Religion,
Unswerving progress
On the true course
Toward the Ideal,
Fulfilling the
Of every

There is one Law,
The Law of Reciprocity,
Observed by a
Selfless conscience
Wedded to a sense of
Awakened justice.

There is one Family,
The human family,
Uniting the children
Of the Earth,
In the Parenthood
Of God.

There is one Moral,
Love springing from
The transparency
Of the self,
And blooming
In deeds of

There is one
Object of Praise,
Beauty that lifts
The heart
Of its worshipper
Through all of its aspects,
Seen and unseen.

There is one Truth,
The true knowledge
Of our Being,
Within and without;
The essence of all

There is one Path,
The path of
Making the self
Transparent to the Real,
Raising the limited
Beyond limitation,
The dwelling-place
Of all Perfection.


The Three Objectives

To realize and spread
The knowledge of Unity,
The religion of Love
And Wisdom,
So that triumphalism
In religion
May fall away,
The human heart
May overflow with love,
And all hatred caused
By distinctions
And differences
May be rooted out.

To discover
The light and power
Latent in the
Human being,
The secret of all religion,
The power of mysticism,
And the essence
Of philosophy,
Without interfering
With custom or belief.

To bridge
East and West
In thought and ideals,
Forming the
Universal Fellowship,
Where human beings
May meet
Beyond the narrow
Of tribal identity.

* These gender-inclusive versions of the remembrances are used with permission from Netanel Miles-Yépez (ed.). Sufi Prayers: The Prayers and Remembrances of the Inayati Sufis. Boulder, Colorado: Albion-Andalus Books, 2015.

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